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  Ώρα για αλλαγή κουφωμάτων

                        Welcome to our website!    


     Our construction company is officially certified by

  Exalco, has the ability to use the labeling CE since

  has performed the initial type testing (ITT) and has

  acquired test certificate for specific Aluminium syste-

  ms frames and curtain walls of notificated Testing  



    The vision of our company is to offer a complete range

  of architects systems, window frames of aluminium

  and complete solutions that follow the international

  trends with frames that withstand time in a wide range

  of colors,mainly based on the customer needs.


   Our goal is the total satisfaction of our customers,

  so we are on your side for anything happens after

  the placement,providing safety and whilst keeping

  our prices at very low levels.





Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη