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  Ώρα για αλλαγή κουφωμάτων
 Office Partitions


    Office partition walls that constitute a functional and

 modern working environment. The system provides

 sound insulation, essential for office use.Applicable in

 various dimensions of glazing and panel wooden or alu-

 minium doors, as well as adjustable blinds with non-visi-

 ble mechanism. Glazing is supported by a single cap and

 not by multiple glazing beads. The variety of profiles as

 well as the option of choosing different colours, for each

 side of the partition,makes the system ideal for any archi-

 tectural inspiration.






    Ionias & Athanasiou

    Alepou 13,Acharnai

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη