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  Ώρα για αλλαγή κουφωμάτων
   Curtain Walls


    Albio 102 is the top Semi-Structural Glazing curtain-

 wall system, which creates a 12mm interval between

 the frames.Its basic characteristic is that there are no

 bolt keepers on the transoms of the glazing panels.

 Handle placing can be done fast and easy any time

 or on any panel chosen, by simply setting a handle

 on the window even after the construction phase

 with no additional cost. The main advantages of the

 system are the ease and the quickness of the framing

 assembly and glazing panel assembly, which  are

 prefabricated in the production unit. The performance

 during water-tightness testing of Albio 102 was

 excellent ranking  the system on the top of the Semi-

 Structural Glazing curtain-wall  systems.





    Conventional curtain-wall system with classic design,

 applied in modern construction projects. Albio 130

 offers ease of construction as well as various options

 for the decorative face cap profile. With 50mm of visible

 profile width,the system is suitable for a 6 to 36mm

 glazing thickness.The mullion profiles cover a wide range

 of moment of inertia between 60 and 1192 cm4. In cases

 where bigger moment of inertia is required, the system

 offers a range of mullion support profiles.





Stet 2001-THERMO

     Stet-2001 Thermo is a Structural Silicone Glazing

 curtain wall system. Each glazed panel is connected

 to the structure of the curtain wall with suspension.

 There are no continuous studs along the height of the

 curtain wall. At each storey, there are two main hori-

 zontal beams (transoms) parallel to each other and

 continuous throughout the length of the structural

 elevation of each storey. Its main characteristics are

 high resistance to windoload and excellent antiseismic





    Ionias & Athanasiou

    Alepou 13,Acharnai

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