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  Ώρα για αλλαγή κουφωμάτων
  Sliding Doors-Windows-Superimposed



     A sliding system offering a different perception for

  door and window applications.The modern design,

  and the construction according to all national stan-

  dards,make it ideal for renovating any construction.

  Special strip-brushes and gaskets apply to all sash

  and rail.Distinctive quality and durability make it

  suitable for replacing old doors and windows.








    A system that creates a unique perception for modern

 sliding doors. The modern design and creation according

 with the international standards make it ideal for sha-

 ping and renewing each space. The impermeability is

 achieved using special brushes and tires applying both

 foliar and drivers. Quality and durable, it is ideal for re-

 placing old windows.






    A sliding system with 38mm sash width. Applicable

 for any type of construction, sliding and built-in doors

 and windows, even for wide opening applications.

 A great advantage of the system is the 30mm roller,

 which improves the sliding ability of the sash on the rail.

 The sash profile is available in flat and oval, offering a

 variety of options on design and aesthetics.







     Albio220 is based on the Albio215 sliding system.The

 new system covers the market's need for windows and

 doors, sliding on a stainless steel rail. The optional use of

 polyamide rail, which was launched with the successful

 Albio210 sliding system, guarantees a noiseless operation.

 The 38mm sash width, makes the system applicable for any

 type of construction, sliding and built-in doors and windows,

 even for wide opening applications.







ALBIO 305-300

    This sliding system is recommended for low cost constructions

 without lacking in elegance and design. The simple design of Albio

 305-300, combined with the reduced weight of the profiles, renders

 this system ideal for practical and inexpensive applications.











Albio 225 is a thermal break system, appropriate for

 sliding balcony doors and windows. A special feature

 is the option of embedding a stainless steel rail into

 the frame profiles. The options of using a polyamide

 or aluminium rail, give an extra advantage to the system.

 The sash and frame profiles come with 24mm polyamide

 bars. With a 38mm sash width, the system can offer exc-

 ellent thermal insulation.Finally, Albio 225 can be applica-

 ble for any type of construction, sliding and built-in doors

 and windows, even for wide opening applications.







The series Albio 225LS showed excellent thermal

 insulation results because of the thermal break with

 polyamides.Thanks to the special mechanism of ro-

 lling-sliding per-off-hook has a better seal in the water 

 relative to the common sliding because of adding elastic
 between the frame profile-sheet. Additionally, the conte-

 mporary design with two options at and complemented

 by the oval slot for stainless rail rolling for even greater

 strength and functionality.Applications: doors, windows,

 superimposed or built.







      The series is the latest technological achievement
  of Exalco in sliding systems. characterized of luxury

  in design with simple equal lines and is ideal for large

  openings.Strong and durable profile and moments of

  inertia.It shows top performance in thermal insulation
  thanks to polyamides 24mm and 34mm and the poly-
  chamber thermal additions.The tightness is ensured

  by EPDM rubbers and the special-slidinglifted (Hebe-

  shiebe) scrolling mechanism. Alongside this mecha-

  nism gives the possibility for large-area glazing and 

  thickness once may initiate sheets weighing up to
  200 Kg. Applications: doors, windows,superimposed

  or built







    Albio 230 is one of the latest technological achievements

 of Exalco in the sliding system group of products. With con-

 temporary linear design, the system is ideal for wide opening

 applications, having profiles with great endurance and high

 moment of inertia. The system presents excellent thermal-

 insulation properties thanks to the 20-24mm polyamides and

 special multi­chambered PVC add-ons. Moreover, the system

 offers water-tightness through EPDM sealing gaskets and its

 special lift & slide railing mechanism. These fittings give the

 possibility of using large and thick glazing units, with a capaci-

 ty that can reach up to 250 Kg sash weight.






   The thermal insulation Albio227 series light duty, id ideal for replacing old frames.The slot for stainless

 steel scrolling rail is one of the main advantages of the series, offering even greater strength and

 functionality.At the same time gives you the option to use rail scrolling polyamide. The driver for glass-grid

 shutter-has a width of 95mm and is suitable for installation in narrow openings.The leaves and the drivers

 stopped scrolling rods wide polyamide bars 10 & 18 mm. Of a width 31mm Sliding leaf glass and leaf shutter

 28mm, the series enables the construction of all types of sliding, superimposed and digesters.






    Ionias & Athanasiou

    Alepou 13,Acharnai

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