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                               Armored Doors

Offering you,maximum protection with 9 moveable locking points and a number of features a door needs to obtain in order for it to bear the title "armoured"

  • Double armour 1mm thickness,from electrogalvanized steel.

  • 2 aluminium hinges 8mm thickness,heavy duty type,with stainless blade 12mm and vertical regulation.

  • 9 moveable locking points.

  • Full body stainless steel blade with all the locking mechanisms in it.Ability of immediate and easy detachment from the door,

    should this becomes necessary,for any reason..

  • Also reinforced with full body stainless steel blade,opposite to the cage locking points.

  • Sound-thermal insulation from extruded polysterine.

  • Additionally,for an absolute heat insulated dorr,there is the option for polyamide with three (3) types of thermal-break.(up to 32mm polyamide)

  • Rubber perimetrically to the door ABDM (foam) for a total waterproof result.

  • Mechanical air stopper,adjustable.

  • Door case,internal armour,with galvanized sheet and 1,5mm thickness.

  • Additionally to the armouring and the covers,the door lock is also protected by a manganese blade in order to prevent the lock perforation attempts (Type 2).

  • The partial opening of the security door hoocks on a stainless steel blade (contrary to all existing practices)

  • The waterproof equipment in its standard version includes airstopper and optionally a special threshold for complete waterproofing when our door is a house front door and has immediate contact with rain water.

  • Aluminum lining (in traditional,pressed and modern inox types of doors)wood investments,and security glass,in an endless variety of colours and designs.

  • Bi-colour option for different internal-external look.-door case frame and sheet frame-for the security doors which are equipped with thermalbreak system.




    Ionias & Athanasiou

    Alepou 13,Acharnai

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