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  Ώρα για αλλαγή κουφωμάτων
 Aluminium Rolls 


  •  The aluminum roller shutters of polyurethane for simple residential construction is proposed as the most economical solution for exposures up to 3.5 meters. The use of eco-High density polyurethane foam (CFC-FREE) ensures thermal and sound insulation and uniform shape and diameter. Always in construction is used rings and when traffic is not electrical, suspension becomes hoop belt for quiet and smooth operation.It is possible to paint many aluminum colors (RAL), but also more economical standard colors.


  •  Heavy profile specifically for large openings and robust construction up to 5.5 meters. Provides safety approaching construction of steel and the aesthetic result is suitable for residential and garage doors. Always structures with a electric drive is using security of bindings and rings on the shaft for silent Function and theft protection. There is opportunity for all colors (RAL) and anodising symplichromias.


  • The new generation of thermal insulation rolls addressed in new and old buildings and solutions in each dimension opening, with very high coefficient of thermal insulation.




    Ionias & Athanasiou

    Alepou 13,Acharnai

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